Our COVID-19 Response

In response to COVID-19, Universities and Colleges are closing their doors causing instructors to move their traditional courses online. To help ensure the continuity of learning in this rapidly changing environment and to ease the transition for both instructors and students to move to online learning, Varafy is committed to:

  • Providing free access to its online STEM-based homework, practice and assessment platform through to the end of the spring semester for new instructors to Varafy
  • Access to instructor questions that align to OpenStax textbooks and are algorithmically generated to create 100,000’s of unique problems to reduce the impact of cheating
  • Focusing its support team to assist instructors to rapidly transition to online learning during this challenging time
  • Responding to queries from Instructors within 24 hours.

This is a time for those in the education ecosystem to come around and support learners and educators. Varafy is committed to helping instructors through this transition to online learning.

If you like help to transition your course online, please complete this form and someone reach out to you within 24 hours.

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