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Quickly build an assignment

With a few simple clicks, quickly build a STEM assessment for print or online use. In Varafy, you see exactly what your student will see. Make live edits to the assignment.

Generate unique versions

With a click of a mouse, Varafy generates thousands of unique and fresh versions of a problem and it's solution or an entire assignment, online or print.

Saves Teachers Time & Reduces Stress

Teachers can spend hours sourcing and creating math & science problems. With Varafy, a teacher easily creates and renders new versions with one click.

Look No More For Practice Problems

Research shows students need to practice to apply math and science concepts. Varafy was made for delivering practice content.

Detailed Solutions Reduce Frustration

Students get frustrated when they get stuck on a math or science problem. Varafy includes detailed solutions for students in practice mode to help them learn.

Unique Versions Reduces Cheating

With the click of a mouse teachers can easily create unique versions of an assessment - for print or online use, eliminating the temptation of cheating.

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Create Beautiful Dynamic Diagrams

Be the first to use diagrams in your STEM problems whose dimensions automatically adjust with each version of a question - a market first! Varafy's market leading 2D graphics editor makes it easy to add simple to complex images in your content.

Detailed Solutions for Help

Students learn math & science by practicing problems. Varafy makes detailed solutions available to help students.