About Us

Varafy Corporation is a learning technology software company. Our mission is to improve student outcomes in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Students learn STEM subjects mainly by applying concepts by solving practice problems. However, the Founders of Varafy recognized that students face two systemic hurdles, one being the lack of good quality practice problems to learn from and the other being the lack of detailed solutions which can help guide the student.

Varafy's content-generation platform solves both of these major problems by enabling learning content creators to easily create thousands of practice problems and their detailed solutions, complete with dimensionally updated images, for online or print homework assignments and tests. Varafy allows any organization responsible for delivering a learning experience to easily create high-quality assessment content in seconds and at a fraction of current costs.

We are located in Edmonton's revitalized warehouse district in the Mercer Warehouse, a one hundred year old building home that over 350 entrepreneurs, builders and creators call our home.


The Leadership Team


Werner Biegler

CEO & Co-Founder

Justin Schultz


Ken Fyfe