Online Practice and Homework
Built for STEM Education
Made for Teachers

Advanced content authoring & assessment platform designed for Teachers
and focused on Math & Science needs in K-12 and STEM in Higher Education.


Varafy gives teachers the freedom and power to easily create rich practice and homework questions for their STEM learners.

Detailed solutions, not just one line answers, can be made available to Students to improve their learning.


With Varafy, teachers can quickly create and assign STEM questions for practice or assessment complete with dynamic, scalable images.


The authoring platform for STEM Educators

No Coding Required


Quickly create & edit practice and homework questions

  • Varafy's easy to use assignment builder gets you working in minutes
  • Assemble online/print assignments with 3 clicks - and done!
  • Varafy's powerful STEM editor has you creating content in minutes

Algorithm Generates Endless Unique Variations

  • Nearly endless unique variations of questions are automatically ready for use
  • Reduce Cheating - Every Student can receive a unique assignment or test
  • Teacher has complete control over using variations or static versions of questions

Full Support for STEM Content

  • Industry leading graphics editor for creating rich, scalable images
  • Full Math Editor with easy to insert functions
  • Advanced electrical circuit drawing tool and Free-Body Diagram Assessment

Collaborate on Creating Questions

  • Teachers can collaborate on creating and editing questions & assignments
  • Teachers can share content with their peers
  • Collaborate to efficiently create more content quickly