Scalable Figures


Until now, developing problems and solutions has been a daunting, repetitive and time-consuming task for content specialists.

Varafy intelligently builds new problems and detailed solution sets for text-based items, equations, and scalable graphics.

Create thousands of unique iterations of problems and their detailed solutions, with just a few clicks.

The authoring platform for learning content specialists.

No Coding Required.


Save Time - Create Quality Content Quickly

  • Varafy's easy to use content editor gets you working in minutes
  • Supports most STEM and Business courses with more to come
  • Pre-loaded formulas and powerful variable editor get you working in minutes

Generate Thousands of Iterations

  • Thousands of iterations - and more - can be generated from a single item
  • Number of possible iterations displayed for each item
  • Logical iterations can be produced with one click


Publishing Quality Output

  • Powerful graphics editor generates scalable images
  • Elegant high-quality output is ready for digital and print formats
  • Pre-existing math and engineering formulas make problem editing easier

Collaborate on Content Development

  • Easily share your content with author teams, product managers or editors
  • Sets development standards to ensure consistent item construction